Zoos around the world are adopting to a digital age, especially due to COVID-19. ZooKit is the easiest way to integrate a digital platform into any zoos visitor experience.

When a zoo signs up for ZooKit, they get the following:

  1. An Interactive Zoo Map, integrated with ZooPedia
  2. A Zoptiks Pixel, for advanced analytics
  3. A Digital Profile on Zoptiks
  4. Social Reports

We Help You Get More Visitors

Create a better digital experience by providing points of interest and your zoo map at the tip of your visitor’s fingers. Save money and become environmentally conscious by reducing paper map consumption.

We Teach, We Connect and We Convert

Typically our visitors come to us for animals, dinosaurs, habitats nurtured by our social media outreach, featured creatures, and life science courses. BAM! Your zoo shows up with information, tickets, digital zoo maps, and more. From that point, you are able to sell tickets on the spot, market your exhibits, and give your customers the tools for a fantastic visit.

Tickets in a Tap

Sell tickets, gifts, and more through Zoptiks. Allow kids and parents to explore your products digitally to help them prepare their allowances and budget their visit.

Integrate with ZooPedia

  1. Project Creatures into your space with a smartphone
  2. Put Your Map on the table digitally
  3. QR Code Stickers for Exhibits

Data Driven Pixel and Reports

Test out pages on your website and understand which parts are the most influential with heatmaps and session recordings. We’ll also deliver social reports every month to see if your social media outreach is working.